Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs"
Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions for the journals.

Q1: How do I submit my paper to OASP's journals?
A1: To submit your new manuscript/paper for review, you should upload your paper in PDF format during the registration process in our online submission system.
Q2: How long will the peer review process take?
A2: In OASP's journals, peer-review is done in a single blind process that the author does not know who the referees were, but the referees do know who the authors are. The whole peer-review process will take about 10 working days to 1 month.
Q3: When do I receive the formal acceptance letter?
A3: The formal acceptance letter will be sent to your email, after completing the form of final submission and send the final version of paper. Please note that you shouldn't use email for sending the documents. You can do the above procedure after login to website from here.
Q4: How many papers can an author submit and what are the restrictions?
A4: Authors can submit unlimited different manuscripts to these journals.
Q5: How can I know the status of my paper?
A5: You can use the Journal Tracking system from below link:
After click on above link, select "Paper Status" tab from login panel. You can track your paper/manuscript by entering the Paper ID, Username and Password.
Q6: Do the journals have any additional style file for the final manuscript preparation?
A6: Yes, Please click on Paper Template for reference and download a manuscript template which includes the most commonly used formatting specifications.
Q7: What should I do if my username or password is lost?
A7: To restore your username and password, click on "Forget Your Password?" in login-panel. Then please go to the Login-Panel page and insert your email address you have used at the submission time. The password will be sent to your email address.
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The process of peer review involves an exchange between a journal editor and a team of reviewers, also known as referees. A simple schematic of OASP's Peer-Review process has been shown in this section.